Fitness Services


Fitness Appraisal & Program Design

$75 Community & College Staff – $60 College Students

See what your current health & fitness levels are with this comprehensive health related fitness appraisal including – cardio assessment, body composition, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance tests.


B.L.T – Butts, Legs, Tummy

We will do exercises specifically designed to target your bottom and tummy.

Pilates 101

This class will help clarify the positioning of the moves in your body. You will also learn how to engage the pelvic floor muscles. This workout will improve posture and alignment.


Challenge yourself with this fast- paced, calorie-blasting workout, using the traditional Boot Camp style approach. Boot Camp is geared toward all fitness levels. Modifications are always offered for the beginner to the advanced.

Wake Up & Work

35 minutes of high intensity drills to max your heart rate. Recovery periods are brief and a variety of equipment is used to change the focus of the muscle group and minimize repetition

Go With the Flow Yoga

Flow integrates breath with movement and builds strength and flexibility.  Flow is not a set series, so this will be different with each class.

TRX Blast

Get your blood pumping with this TRX circuit class that will utilize suspension trainers and some cardio exercises.

In order to ensure you are ready to participate in our fitness classes, please fill out the PARQ Form prior to class start date.